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Academic Counselling

Expert guidance & psychometric assessment for the students to make informed choices relevant to the current scenario of opportunity and change and also to facilitate the ideal educational and career path.

Academic planning, exploration & career awareness through consideration of personal interests, past and potential performance, and present opportunities.

Career Counselling

Students get comprehensive advice on career, courses and jobs that enable them to make a proper and informed choice and understand what they can do after they are done with school.

Acquaint students with the relationship between achieving academic standards and the attainment of career goals and make them aware of the relationship among personal qualities, education, training and the world of work


Counselling for Study Abroad

Wissen manages close to 150+ partners across the globe for quality education.

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Education has a vital role in the development and abilities of students. In the midst of academic assignments, co-curricular assignments and extracurricular activities, students are required to improve academic excellence, so they need to follow a holistic approach with the guidance and counselling services in schools for accomplishment.