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“Filling the Expectation Gap through Improving Reality”


“Life is very simple but we insist to make it complicated” - Confucius

The difference between “success and failure”, feeling “satisfied and dissatisfied”, being “fortunate and unfortunate” is all about “E Gap” (Expectation Gap). The amount of happiness and unhappiness a person sense is the “E Gap”.

Then what is “E Gap”?

It is the variance amongst Expectation and Reality.

How it can be improved?

Through enhancing the perception and changing the perspective.


Although the change is the only constant in the universe, everything present in the universe resist to this phenomenon, while knowing the fact that the Darwin’s hypothesis of “Survival of the Fittest” is based on the same. When we go by Darwin’s theory, it talks mainly about the adaptability of different species to survive in ever changing biosphere, and we have numerous examples of flora and fauna which become extinct in due course of time which couldn’t adapt to the situation.

The said observable fact is also true in evolution of mankind or human species and for the present sociological, cultural, psychological, political, economic, philosophical, and many more streams. We can name anything and would discover the way we have changed in our perspective.

There are two ways to deal with or win over a situation; either change the scenario to suit as per your own comfort or change yourself to become a part of the state of affairs, otherwise you will perish. The change may be excellent or a terrible one, ethical or unethical, good or bad, productive or non-productive, big or small but it is universally present, a person has every right to like or dislike but a change can’t be avoided.

The change cannot be avoided, if that is a truth then the biggest question arises that what are the resources available to channelize the change in a positive and productive manner for the betterment of the individual at micro level and subsequently for the society at macro level.

We are the catalyst, who help and guide a person to bridge the E Gap, and provide alternatives to make informed decisions in selecting academic subjects and picking the factual career to get a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.